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Traveling the roads of Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and the Main LIne in southeastern Pennsylvania to deliver the gift of music to our students.

Music Lessons in Delaware County, PA

Music Lesson Offerings and FAQs

Hear & There Music provides students with the highest quality music instruction in the home. Our lessons are customized, fun and well-rounded.

You can be confident that your student is receiving a comprehensive musical education with a strong focus on fundamentals that is enjoyable and fun. Every student is unique and we invite then to collaborate on their curriculum so that they can learn in a way that satisfies them best!

Most Hear & There Music students take a weekly 30 minute lesson, however time blocks from 15 minutes to 2+ hours are available.

Please complete the inquiry form HERE and we will contact you with availability and to set up a trial lesson.

In Home Music Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any unanswered concerns, feel free to contact us through our inquiry form HERE.

Q: What instruments do you teach?
A: Hear & There Music does not exclude any instrument from consideration. Let us know what instrument you are interested in, and we will find your qualified instructor.

Q: What should I expect for the trial lesson?
A: Teachers will typically spend 10-20 minutes with each new student. Parents are welcome to observe and ask questions during the lesson and afterwards. This is a great time for the teacher to learn about the student and any goals or past playing experience that they might have.

The teacher will assess what materials will be needed and lay out the curriculum strategy customized for each specific student. It is also an excellent opportunity for parents and students to meet teachers and take into consideration their suggested approach and overall compatibility. No decision is needed at that time. Trial lessons are $15 per household (no additional charge for additional student consideration).

Q: Do I need a piano to start piano lessons?
A: No, many students begin lessons on an affordable keyboard which is perfectly ok. We are happy to advise you on what to look for before you purchase an electronic keyboard or piano.

Q: When & Who can tune my piano?
A: The piano tuner will recommend tunings based on your instrument and indoor climate. To maintain your investment we recommend the experts at www.fixpianos.com based in Devon, Pennsylvania.

Q: What age students do you accept?
A: We offer lessons for students aged 4 and above. Some studies show that music education is most effective after age 6, however– like learning a language– it is never too early to begin immersion. Students as young as 4 have enjoyed mini-lessons on a pre-reading program.

Q: Do you offer lessons in my area?
A: We offer lessons in a roughly 20mi radius of Phoenixville, PA- from southern Montgomery County to northern Delaware County and most areas of Chester County.

Q: Do you hold a recital? Is it mandatory?
A: Yes, we have an annual recital which is known to be a highly-anticipated and fantastic event although it is completely optional for all students! Students are given the thrill of performing on a grand piano on stage complete with lights, sound, and awards for all.

Q: Is there a contract?
A: There is no contract and you can discontinue lessons at any time. We want you here because you are extremely satisfied with your experience, not because you are locked in.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
Hear & There Music’s cancellation policy is more generous than any we can find. Hear & There Music understands that scheduling conflicts are a part of life. In a nutshell, you are granted one no-fee cancellation per month. We ask that you notify your teacher by 8pm the day before. The 2nd cancellation of the month or cancellations after 8pm are billed at ½ price. No-shows and cancels within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time are billed at regular price. If you have scheduling needs such as an extended vacation, we can be flexible with you.

Q: What about Summer lessons?
The summer program is encouraged yet optional.  During the summer weeks, covering mid June through August, parents are offered a "Flex" Package in a range of hours to suit the needs of students and multi-student families.  These hours can be very helpful in avoiding learning loss as well as a great time to begin recital preparations or a special fun project.  The flex package is designed so you can choose the number of hours to commit, and then split these hours as you see fit anytime throughout the summer. You may also choose to continue regular weekly lessons during this time or resume in September.

Q: Do you background check your teachers?
On top of meeting qualification standards as eduators, hand-selected Hear & There Music instructors have also passed background checks.

Q: How long are lessons?
Most of our students take one thirty-minute lesson per week. Starter students, typically in the 4-6 year old range can take a fifteen or twenty minute mini-lesson. This is often the perfect amount of time for the attention span of a youngster, but you’d be surprised at what we can accomplish.  At the student’s request, 45 minute and 1 hr lessons are also available.

Q: How much do you charge? Can I split time among siblings?
Lessons are offered time blocks from 15 minutes to 2+ hours and you can split these times among the students in your household. Teacher rates may vary, but remain competitive at roughly $1 per minute plus a small travel charge. Discounts are often given for each additional sibling taking consecutive lessons in the same family.

Q: How often do I pay?
You can pay weekly, monthly or in a package of the number of lessons of your choosing per semester. While some studios have confusing rules about semester "tuition" and make-up policies, we would like you to only pay for the lessons you receive. For parents who don't like to worry about billing, they can simply add as many lessons as they like within a semester and add more if they've all been used, all clearly reflected in the online calendar, lesson history and invoicing.

September through December
January through March
April through Mid-June
Mid-June through August

For planning & accounting purposes, please prepay only for the intended number of lessons within a semester, as payments usually cannot be carried over to the next semester. We recommend you be conservative in your estimate and you can always easily add more if necessary.

Q: What is Studio Helper?
After singing up with Hear & There Music, you will receive a free Studio Helper username and password. Simply click the link on our home page to login and you will be able to change your password if desired. Studio Helper is an online tool that allows you to schedule lessons, view your calendar, see your lesson history, account balance & manage payments. Although we feel you will find this extremely useful, it is not at all a requirement. All you need to manage online payments is simply an email address to receive your invoice and a credit card.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
Your Studio Helper account will allow you to easily manage payments online, all through our secure payment processing.

Online Payment Service

Visa, Mastercard & Discover are the preferred methods of credit card payment. To keep our pricing competitive, we kindly ask to avoid Amex, & corporate cards if possible.

When prepaying, you may also mail a check for the total amount of lessons desired endorsed to "Hear & There Music, LLC." However, credits for lessons cannot be carried over to the next semester. Every effort will be made to schedule makeup lessons within the semester, but are subject to the availability of you and your teacher.

September through December
January through March
April through Mid-June
Mid-June through August

Hear & There Music, LLC
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Q: Can I get credit if I refer a student to you?
Yes, a $15 dollar credit will be granted to you if your referral simply takes a no-commitment trial lesson!

Q: How do we get started?
Fill out the inquiry form HERE and we will contact you to schedule a no-commitment, introductory mini-lesson.

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